El Chillion (Linocut w/Chin Colle)
Coach's Crucifixion (Linocut w/Chin Colle)
Mississippi (Linocut)
Skull (Pressure Print)
Ram (Linocut)
Calavera (2ft x 4ft Woodcut)
Little Big Tiger (2ft x 4ft Woodcut)
Official Double Decker Poster 2015 (Woodcut)
Big KRIT (Woodcut)
Bully (Woodcut)
Official Fringe Festival Poster (Woodcut)
Doug (Woodcut Commission)
Roxanne (Woodcut Commission)
Satchel's Pizza (Linocut Commission)
Southern Softness (Woodcut)
Ofrendas (Woodcut)
Chasing the American Dream (approx. 4ft x 8ft Woodcut, Thesis)
The Illusion of the Red, White, and Blue (Woodcut, Thesis)
(Woodcut, Theisi)
We Do the Jobs You're Too Lazy To Do (Woodcut, Thesis)
Warrior Princess (Woodcut, Commission)
Roaring Tiger (Woodcut)
Gypsy (Woodcut w/Rainbow Roll)
Roaring Bear (Woodcut)
Corazon (Woodcut)
Memphis BBQ (Woodcut)
Double Decker 2012 (Letterpress)
"M" for Memphis/Mississippi (Woodcut)
Mississippi (Woodcut)
Sugar Skull (Woodcut w/Rainbow Roll)
Gypsy (Woodcut)
Yoknapatawpha (Woodcut)
Sugar Skull (Woodcut)
Hotty Toddy (Woodcut)
Crawfish (Reduction Woodcut)
Hotty Toddy V.2 (Woodcut)
Rowan Oak (Woodcut)
Elvis (Woodcut)
Music Lover (Woodcut)
BB King (Woodcut)
Sirena (Woodcut)
Mis Abuelos (Woodcut)
Mexican Rushmore (Woodcut)
Mr. Whiskers (Woodcut)
Death Before Dishonor (Woodcut on Fan Blade)
Frankenstein (Woodcut on Fan Blade)
Mummy (Woodcut on Fan Blade)
Wake Up Call (Woodcut)
Dogs Night Out (Woodcut)
Panda (Collagraph)
Vaquero (Etching)
Koi Fish (Collagraph)
Double Decker 2011
Dia De Los Muertos 2011
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